Open Day Congress 2015

The opportunity to SHARE with students and other companies.

It is a meeting day for companies, Universities, entrepreneurship and innovation institutions, focusing on today’s engineering students and alumni in Spain and Europe
We have created a special day during the Congress for both the participating students and all the upcoming engineers of the host country.
It is called EESTEC OpenDay and it will be held in a European city for the 7th consecutive year. It started in 2009 in Belgrade, continued in Athens, Tallinn, Craiova, Munich, Athens again, and this year it is the turn of Madrid.
On this day, sponsoring companies, Universities, organizations and students will be given an excellent opportunity to gather in the same place at the same time.


Present their work and internship programs and will therefore give a chance to upcoming engineers to experience the business world and obtain more information on it.
Moreover, each company will be able to present the technological information it has developed.
Finally, each company will get the chance to participate in highlighting all problems concerning an engineer, and, most important, to find the respective answers.


The attendees will get direct information on the choices they have on continuing their studies through many interesting programs offered.
In addition, they will be able to present the results of their research programs.
As far as the “Engineer your future” project is concerned, they will have the opportunity to present their answers to many problems of their field of studies.

and entrepreneurs

By following today’s needs, this year, and for the first time on the OpenDay, another topic is added, the support of innovation and entrepreneurship.
In particular, the participants will have the chance to come in contact with start-up companies.
Conclusively, an important topic that will come up is searching solutions to actual problems facing in an effort to start his own business.

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